Empowering women through digital

LadyPlans is created to empower women in the digital era. We provide a platform for tech savvy women to stay connected with women-specific digital content, to engage in the newest trends in tech and to optimize their time – all through our website and newsletter.

Making women’s life easier through tech

Leveraging apps and websites that are useful for all us – food tech, fashion tech, social networks for women and mothers, kid tech & many more. Quickly browse through LadyPlans website and find relevant and useful apps & websites to help you improve your organization, get inspired and expand your online communities!

Engaging and learning in the digital world

We provide you with the latest news and exciting trends in the tech world relevant to women (e.g. conferences and awards about tech innovations for women, family and kids, women empowerment initiatives, etc.). We also encourage digital literacy for children helping parents navigate the digital world for their kids.

Supporting women in tech

And of course, we support female digital entrepreneurs & women in tech by highlighting their success and achievements in interviews.


LadyPlans app was created to improve women’s time management and organisation, enabling every modern woman’s to manage and coordinate more easily the multiple parts of their lives (personal, work, family, home, etc).

Anticipating more and optimizing time

The more we anticipate, the more we make our life easier and less stressful. LadyPlans app aims to help us plan ahead from big events to very detailed checklists so we can optimize our time and manage things smoothly in case of something unexpected happens.

Saving time when planning

Planning can be very time-consuming, especially when you have to plan for several family members. Instead of reinventing the wheel every time we organize something, especially events that occur each year (e.g.: birthdays, Christmas, etc.), LadyPlans helps to store and rely on ready-made checklists that can easily be turned into actions. You don’t have to go through your old checklists, recreate them from scratch and quickly transform these checklists into events without retyping them.

Focusing on what really matters

Planning for planning is not the point. if we leverage technology to spend less time planning, then we have more time to actually enjoy what we have planned and we can be more present in these moments.




Julie Dando

LadyPlans was founded by Julie Dando in 2015. LadyPlans started as an app with LadyPlans app launch on the App Store in February 2016 and expanded to LadyPlans website in September 2016.

Based on her own experience as a working mom of 2 toddlers, Julie was looking for a simple mobile solution to help her improve efficiency in balancing personal, family and work life. It was difficult to find apps on the market that gave a well-rounded approach focusing on women’s needs as individuals – either too focused on pregnancy and kids or too generic lacking in women-focused content. Julie aimed to create a productivity app that could help women manage the different parts of their life, the first focus would be themselves as individuals. As a former Management consultant, she used her business analyst skills to conceive LadyPlans app features and closely worked with a mobile app agency and a graphic designer to develop it.

As women responded positively to LadyPlans app, she planned to build LadyPlans website as a platform to explore and share other ways to leverage technology for women: from apps and websites reviews to interviews in women in digital. Everything digital that would make women’s life easier!