Back to school Planner

For who?

  • For all the moms who want to anticipate the school start, limiting the chaos that we often experience during this period of the year
  • For all the mothers who want to manage more easily all the things that need to be done for the children while they get back to work

For what occasion(s)?

  • A few weeks before and after school starts to plan and schedule all the things that need to be done for the kids at the end of August and beginning of September

What’s in it?

The Back to school Planner includes tasks such as:

  • Arrange after-school activities
  • Arrange childcare
  • Sign up for sport class
  • Sign up for music class
  • Sign up for school bus
  • Sort through fall clothing
  • Visit Doctor
  • Get list of required school supplies
  • Shop school uniform
  • Etc.

A snapshot?

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