Track every tiny details and items with the Checklists

How does it work?


  • Access ready-made lists of items (e.g.: list of children clothes)
  • Add your own items
  • Tick and save

Reference information

  • Access key information on the go (e.g.: children clothes size)


Link a Checklist to an event

Open an event and go to the ‘Checklist’ field. Click on Checklist icon to browse the checklists, select one and ‘Save’ the event

Customize your list of Checklists

Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Manage app content’ > ‘Checklists’

Create you own Checklists

From the Homepage, click on ‘Checklist’ and ‘Create a new checklist’. Enter a ‘Checklist name’ and at least one item and ‘Save’.

30 customizable checklists

Baby shower Checklist

Bachelorette party Checklist

Beauty products Checklist

Birthday party Checklist

Check before leaving home Checklist

Childcare routine Checklist

Children clothes Checklist and Reference information

Children food and toiletries Checklist

Children luggage Checklist

Cleaning products Checklist

Cleaning routine Checklist

Easter Checklist

Father’s Day Checklist

Groceries Checklist

Halloween Checklist

Immunization Reference information

Last minute packing Checklist

Men gifts Checklist

Mother’s Day Checklist

Moving Checklist

My luggage Checklist

Party Checklist

School supplies Checklist

Wedding Checklist

Women clothes Checklist

Women gifts Checklist

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