Christmas websites for kids

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Having fun and learning about Christmas while waiting for Santa

From Christmas traditions to Christmas stories and Christmas games, you’ll find a lot of resources online for kids. Here is our selection of Christmas activities to keep our little ones busy until Christmas Eve.

Christmas traditions and customs explained to kids

© Why Christmas

© Why Christmas

WhyChristmas is the best website to give the opportunity to children to learn more about Christmas traditions and customs. It’s nice to have some good material that explains where Christmas traditions come from to kids so they actually understand the meaning of different things they enjoy doing during the Christmas season (e.g.: no, the Advent calendar is not just about chocolates…). The website is very rich, kid-friendly and easy to navigate through 4 sections:

  • Christmas traditions and customs – Find answers to questions from your kids such as ‘Why do we have Santa/Father Christmas?’, ‘Why do we have Christmas Trees ?’, ‘What’s the difference between St. Nicholas, Santa Claus & Father Christmas?’ That’s where the website is both useful for parents and kids as, as parents, we don’t always have the answers to all their legitimate questions.
  • Christmas around the world – Discover how Christmas is celebrated around the world: learn for each country how people organize Christmas Eve, what they eat, how do they call Santa, how do they spend Christmas Eve etc. For instance, surprisingly, in Finland, before Christmas Eve’s dinner, people traditionally go to cemeteries and visit the graves of family members, leaving lanterns shining in the snow.
  • The Christmas story – Learn more about the Christmas story: Christmas biblical origins are presented through stories, a video, a comic and a song.
  • Christmas fun and activities – After all the learning, let your kids have fun with plenty of interactive games around Christmas: tree decoration, puzzles, memory, quizz, coloring, etc.

Christmas stories for children

© American Literature

© American Literature

The Christmas section of the American Literature website gathers 100 christmas stories, books, poems, and christmas carols. If it’s not always easy to read online it will help you pick some ideas of Christmas books for kids, 9 years and above, to read. It’s a collection of short stories, famous and more unusual books, poems.

For younger kids, have a look at the Children’s christmas stories: a selection of 30 stories that are more accessible to younger audience.

Christmas fun and activities for kids

© Xmas fun

© Xmas fun

Xmasfun is the go-to website to find kid-friendly Christmas resources online: tons of Christmas songs, Christmas videos, easy-to-do Christmas recipes, Christmas crafts, etc. They have collected a lot of material, we just need to pick some for the children.

Other websites with Christmas games and activities: Santa games and North pole.

Kids christmas market

© Kids Christmas market

© Kids Christmas market

Kids Christmas Market is a lovely Instagram account that offers a nice collection Christmas shopping for kids from other accounts. Have a look if you are looking for cute and original items for your little ones.

Get in touch with Santa online

Santa is pretty digital these days! Even though I wouldn’t give up on the traditional letter to Santa Claus, I was surprised to find him on social (and a bit jealous about his number of followers…):


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