Create events easily with Event Makers.

5 customisable lists for one-off events



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My Love

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Holidays and Celebrations

How does it work?

Let’s say you want to quickly create a ”meeting” event in your calendar.

  • Select Me Event Maker

  • Create a Meeting event

  • What (Meeting) & Who (Me) fields are automatically filled in for you

  • Simply select the duration and save the event!


‘Holidays and Celebrations’ Event Maker:
Plan your upcoming milestones efficiently

Public holidays and events are usually saved directly to our calendar without us noticing – and we all know the frustrating feeling when it’s too late to plan for something.

Our Holidays and Celebrations event maker helps you view all the special dates so you can anticipate and plan better.

Types of events:

  • Federal holidays
  • Time change dates (summer and winter times)
  • Public celebrations (Halloween, Easter…)

Adding them in your calendar:

Settings > ‘Calendar‘ > ‘Holidays and celebrations dates in calendar‘ > Select the events you want to add


Create your own Event Makers

Any events not on the app that you plan on a regular basis? Simply create your own personalised events through ‘New task or item’ – they will be saved and reusable whenever you want.

Plan for your family members

You can add names of family members to automatically fill in ‘Who’ fields of an event. Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘My Family’ > ‘My Love’ and ‘My Child(ren)’. For My Child(ren), simply select a name from the list.

Easy shortcuts to Planners and Checklists

Access Planners with green icons and Checklists from yellow icons. Related Checklists next to the Event Maker icon are automatically attached to the event. (e.g. ‘Party’ checklist is added to ‘Dinner party’ event maker)

Available for free on the App Store