General questions about the app

Quite often, women are still responsible for the organization and the planning of multiple schedules: their own (personal and professional), the family schedules (e.g.: planning family holidays) and their children’s schedules (e.g; out of school activities, parents’ evening at school…). Obviously, managing all these schedules can become complex and time-consuming.

While society changes to get more balanced between men and women, we believe more simple solutions for women need to be developed on the short run to help them manage their daily lives more easily. We just want to make women’s life easier leveraging technology.

Besides, most productivity apps are empty so we usually have to create everything from scratch every time we are using a new one. As busy women, we don’t have time to do this all the time. That’s why LadyPlans offers a personal organizer with rich and relevant women-centric content that can be quickly customized.

  • First LadyPlans integrates both time management and task management features in the same app. Events and checklists can be linked, so we don’t waste time going from one app to the other and we loose less information.
  • Second, LadyPlans content is rich and ready to use. Most productivity apps are empty and need to be customized from scratch. LadyPlans offers a rich content of ready-made lists that can be used as a basis and then customized.
  • Third, LadyPlans is a personal organizer dedicated to women: the content has been carefully selected for women (e.g.: Christmas Planner, children clothes checklist, beauty products checklist, etc.). and its feminine and colorful design enables a more pleasant experience of time and task management on a daily-basis
  • Last, LadyPlans offers some innovative time management features such as the Planners which are based on an intuitive backward approach and enables us to create multiple preparatory tasks in our calendar in one click
First, we want to offer a personal organizer because we believe calendar, especially for working women, should be kept private and confidential. It’s our decision to share what we want to share in our calendar. Other app offer to share calendar such as family organizer.
Second, we think that it’s easier and more effective if one person coordinates the different schedules so we don’t miss things (just like at work, there is one personal responsible for planning follow up). However, this doesn’t mean we have to do everything on our own: if our partner isn’t responsible of the planing it, he or she shouldn’t definitely be involved the execution of has been planned. To do so, we have made sure that events can be shared by text as a reminder (see ‘Send by text’ button at the top of each event).

Finally, we believe it’s much better to at least offer a solution that will make women lives easier, instead of doing nothing because if ideology.

Yes, it will be a our greatest pleasure to develop a male version, once LadyPlans is adopted enough and we have discussed with potential users so we understand what men’s need would be.
For now the app is unless available i-on the iOS. As soon as we get enough users on iPhone, we will expand to Android!


LadyPlans calendar can synch with:

  • iCloud calendar
  • Outlook exchange
  • Google calendar

The synchronisation works in one direction: from your other calendars to LadyPlans calendar so you can access all the events you have planned from LadyPlans

The other sync (from LadyPlans to your additional calendars) will be implemented later.

Go to ‘Settings‘, ‘Synch with other calendars‘, add a calendar account
This bug happens with old versions of iOS.
Please check that you are using a recent version of iOS. ladyPlan require iOS 8 or later.

If need, please update you iOS, then reinstall LadyPlans and sync you calendars.

Event Makers

  • The Event Makers help you quickly add a new entry in your calendar.
  • The feature is ideal for ‘one shot’ events that you create on a regular basis (e.g.: meetings, doctor appointments) so you don’t have to type them manually anymore.
  • The entry created through an Event Maker will have the ‘What’ and ‘Who’ fields automatically populated. You just have to select the date and times when you create the event.
When you see a yellow Checklist icon next to a red Event Maker icon, the associated Checklist will be automatically added on the event you will create through the Event Maker. This way everything will be in one place (the event and the checklist) and you’ll be able to access your checklist directly from your event.

E.g. : if you create a ‘Diner party at home’ event through the ‘Me’ Event Maker, the ‘Party’ Checklist will be automatically added to the event.


  • Planners are for planning events that require preparatory events (e.g.: planning your holidays requires to first book transportation tickets and accommodation). Planners help you anticipate and plan
  • Planners are based on
    • A list of preparatory tasks, that can be customized, so you won’t forget any steps.
    • An intuitive backward approach in which all the dates of the preparatory events will be automatically calculated on the ‘final’ event you want to plan (e.g.: the holiday start date).
  • With the Planners, you can create multiple events at the same whereas with the Event Makers you only create one event at a time.
  • What: name of the preparatory event you have selected
  • Times: from 07.55am to 8.00am
  • Who: name you have entered when you created the Planner
  • Planner: name you have entered when you created the Planner
Go to ‘Settings‘, ‘Manage app content‘, ‘Planners’ and the select the ones you want to display. The list of Planners will be automatically updated.
In the ‘Search‘ field, just enter the name of the Planner you typed when you created the Planner and all the related events will be displayed.
You have 2 options here:

  1. If you just want to add one event: create the event from the calendar add the name of Planner in the ‘Planner’ field
  2. If you want to add multiple eventsselect the Planner, enter the same name of Planner you have used initially and create and/or select additional events you want to create
In the ‘Search‘ field, enter the name of the Planner you typed previously and adjust the date of each event individually.
The ready-made list of preparatory events can’t be edited as it is a basic list of events that can be reused each time you use the Planners. The objective is to provide a list that can be used as a reminder so you don’t miss any key step in your preparation.
However, you have the flexibility to customize the list adding your own preparatory events in the Planners using the ‘New’ field.
The Birthday List is specific Planner as it enables you to:

  • Save in one place all the birthday reminders that are scattered in different apps
  • Create events with the following features:
    • What : Name of the person
    • Time: from 07.55am to 08.00am
    • Repeat annually



  • The Checklists help you:
    • Track items (e.g.: the ‘Pack my bag’ or ‘Pack children bags’ enables you to track what to put in the luggages)
    • Access key information on the go (e.g.: children clothes size)
  • Checklists are a level below the Events Makers or the Planners: Checklists are made of items whereas Event Makers and Planners are events.
Go to ‘Settings’, ‘Manage app content’, ‘Checklists’and the select the ones you want to display. The list of Checklists will be automatically updated.

If you have any further questions, please contact us on info@ladyplans.com