Christmas Checklist

For who?

  • For all the ladies who want to anticipate Christmas shopping: Christmas decorations, Christmas stationery, Christmas gifts, Christmas dinner, etc.
  • For all the ones who don’t want to rush into stores on December 23rd to buy the very last Christmas presents

For what occasion(s)?

  • When shopping for Christmas
  • A few days before Christmas, to check that we have everything that we need at home to organize a fantastic Christmas Eve

What’s in it?

The Christmas Checklist includes items such as:

  • Stationery: wrapping paper, gift ribbons, gift tags, season’s greeting cards, etc.
  • Christmas decorations: Christmas wreath, window decorations, Christmas tree, Christmas tree removal bag, Chiasmas lights, party blowouts, Christmas candles, etc.
  • Christmas table decorations: table linen, crockery, glassware, flutes, etc
  • Stocking fillers and crackers: cChristmas stockings, stocking fillers, crackers, etc.
  • Christmas dinner: Advent calendar, smoked salmon, blinis, roast turkey, mashed potatoes, Christmas pudding, Champagne, etc.
  • Others: Christmas music, mobile phone charger, etc.

A snapshot?

In addition to the Christmas Checklist, use the Christmas Planner

With the Christmas Planner you can schedule in your calendar all the steps to organize Christmas Eve (e.g.: establish the Christmas gift list, shop Christmas decorations, shop Christmas tree, write a letter to santa Claus, shop Advent calendar, etc).

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