LadyPlans app: how does the Holiday Planner work?

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LadyPlans Holiday Planner

Planning and preparing your holidays with the Holiday Planner

LadyPlans Planners help us to quickly add into our calendar all the preparatory tasks required to organize an event. For example with the Holiday Planner, we can select the tasks we want (e.g.: book transport tickets, pack my bag, etc.), adjust the dates that are automatically calculated based on the holiday start date and add everything in one click into the calendar.

To fully use LadyPlans Planners, I’ll tell you:

  • How they work
  • How to customize them
  • How to search events related to a Planner
  • How Planners and Checklists are linked together within the app

Let’s take the Holiday Planner as an example.

Turn you to-dos into actions

LadyPlans Planners’ principle is truly simple: instead of managing a Checklist that we loose year after year and to ensure we will actually do what we plan to do, we directly access a list of suggested tasks that we can quickly add into our calendar. This way we effectively store our organization, we avoid retyping the same things in two different places and loosing information doing so and most importantly we do what we have planned to do as all the tasks are saved in our calendar.

How does it work? 3 simple steps

1. Type the key information about the event to plan

2. Select the preparatory tasks and dates

3. Click on ‘Create all in calendar’ to add all at once

  • Connector.

    Customize your organization creating your own tasks

    Click on the ‘New’ button (top right corner above the list of tasks) to created your own tasks. These tasks will be automatically saved to you can reuse them later on with the Planner.

What will the events that have been created through a Planner look like?

  • The ‘What’ field and the dates will be pre-populated based on the information that have been selected in the Planner – e.g. ‘Pack my bag’
  • The events are created from 7.55 am to 8.00 am
  • The ‘Planner name’ appears in the ‘Planner’ field – e.g. Paris2016
  • In the Planning, if you had selected a tasks with a grey ‘Checklist icon’, the related Checklist will be added in the ‘Checklist field’e.g. The ‘My bag’ Checklist has been added the the ‘Pack my bag’ event. If you click on the yellow Checklist icon, you can directly open the Checklist from the event.

LadyPlans Holiday Planner Event

How to find all the events that have been created through a Planner?

When you create Planner, you have to type a ‘Planner name’. This will be used as a key to find all the events that have been created through the Planner.

You just have to type the Planner name in the ‘Search’ field (e.g. :Paris2016) and all the event will show up. This way you can update or delete some of the events if needed.

LadyPlans Holiday Planner search

More info on the Planners in the FAQ.
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