LadyPlans Holiday Planner

For who?

For all the busy ladies who are planning for their upcoming holiday and vacation with friends, families and loved ones.

For what occasion(s)?

  • Any time around the year when holidays are approaching
  • When you are planning your upcoming vacation: make sure all important booking dates are scheduled (holiday accommodation, transportation tickets, passports, insurance… and more.)

What’s in it?

The Holiday Planner on the LadyPlans app includes 20+ detailed tasks and actions for your trip planning. Simply schedule each planning task to your calendar and also add your own task. Create your personalized trip planning schedule, stay organized and enjoy your vacation!  Examples of Holiday Planner events include:

  • Book accommodation
  • Book transportation tickets
  • Check passport’s validity
  • Apply for visa
  • Arrange pet care
  • Online check-in/print travel documents
  • Car maintenance
  • Pack my handbag
  • Pack children’s travel bag
  • Buy and send postcards
  • … and more

A snapshot?

In addition to the Holiday Planner, use our LadyPlans Checklists for stress-free packing!

Use the Holiday Planner in conjunction with our other checklists for: Home Checking Before Leaving, My bag, Children’s Bag ,Hand Luggage and more.

Find the Holiday Planner in LadyPlans app

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