Newborn arrival Checklist

For who?

The Newborn Arrival Checklist is specially designed for soon-to-be mothers who are anticipating their newborn child, or ladies who are helping out for a soon-to-be mother.

For what occasion(s)?

During the last months of pregnancy until the delivery date, soon-to-be mothers and people helping out can use our Newborn Arrival Checklist to make sure everything is prepared and ready before the dure date – bedroom items, baby clothes, toiletries; stationery for baby announcement and more.

What’s in it?

The Newborn Arrival Checklist includes a detailed selection of over 60 items for you to prepare during pregnancy and before delivery. You can also add your own task and item easily to the list. Simply tick off an item on the list once it has been done to stay organized!

Examples from the Newborn Arrival Checklist include:

  • Bedroom: Crib sheets, cot bed, baby blankets, changing unit, changing mat, baby phone, playmat, wardrobe, changing mat, comforter/soft toys…
  • Bath time and toiletries: Newborn nappies, wipes baby cotton pads, nappy care, shower gel, towels, thermometer…
  • Clothes: Bodysuits, hat, scarf, socks…
  • Food: Water bottles, baby bottles, bibs/muslins, bottlebrush, bottle warmer, milk powder dispenser…
  • Outings: Pushchair, car seat, changing bag, baby carrier
  • Stationery: Baby announcement cards & envelopes, thank you cards…
  • Baby announcement information: Baby picture, baby birth date, weight, height, baby first name and last name…

A snapshot?

Use the Newborn Arrival Checklist in conjunction with our Pregnancy Planner on the LadyPlans app to stay organized ahead of time.

Prepare for delivery day: The Pregnancy calendar includes a full list of 30+ planning actions for you to prepare for your delivery ahead of time. Use it on the LadyPlans app to schedule in all your pregnancy-related appointments, events and more.

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