LadyPlans Valentine’s day Planner

For who?

  • The Valentine’s day Planner is for ladies who want to plan out the perfect Valentine’s day date for their loved ones, or even to plan out a Valentine’s day surprise! From meal planning to gift shopping, the Valentine’s day Planner has got you covered.

For what occasion(s)?

  • February 14 – Valentine’s day.
  • You can start using our Valentine’s day Planner weeks ahead of time. Easily schedule each task to your calendar: spending and shopping, restaurant booking, planning for Valentine’s day gifts…

What’s in it?

The Planner includes a full list of 10+ planning tasks for you to prepare for Valentine’s day ahead of time. Plan your Valentine’s day gift shopping, bookings and other tasks, or you can also create all the pre-selected task events at once – you can also create your own task to the Planner. Some example Valentine’s day actions included on the app:

  • Shop gifts
  • Book restaurant
  • Shop Valentine’s Day card
  • Define Valentine’s day menu
  • Shop groceries
  • Select or shop Valentines day outfit
  • Charge cameras
  • Shop flowers
  • …and more!

A snapshot?

In addition to the Valentine’s day Planner, use our Valentine’s day Checklist to stay organized with your perfect day planned!

Make sure you don’t miss out on shopping, planning and other tasks with our Valentine’s day Checklist: featuring 10+ items/tasks for planning the perfect Valentine’s day, create a customizable checklist on the LadyPlans app to stay organized!

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