LadyPlans: a personal organizer app for women app to manage our multiple lives

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A few weeks after the app launch, I wanted to share with you how LadyPlans is doing. I’m happy to say that downloads are growing on a regular basis and feedbacks from users are pretty positive. Based on your feedbacks, what you the most like is: the all-in-one solution, the app’s rich content and its feminine design. I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for supporting LadyPlans!

However, some people have questioned the opportunity and the need for women to get a gender-specific organization app. Now that the number of users is growing, I think it is really important to clarify what I want to achieve through LadyPlans.

LadyPlans is a personal organizer for women to manage the multiple dimensions of our life

When you open the app, you see that LadyPlans is neither a home management app nor a family organizer app. LadyPlans app is broader: it is a personal organizer based on a holistic approach to manage the multiple dimensions of our life (personal, work, family, home and more). LadyPlans is about managing our time more efficiently and ultimately building our own life. First and foremost, LadyPlans’ primary focus is us as a person: what we do individually (work, health, hobbies…) and all the other important activities we are involved in with our home, partner, family, friends, etc. Having a holistic view of all the dimensions of our life is becoming critical as technology blurs the lines between work and home life. In other words, managing each part of our lives independently is pretty inefficient and sometimes just making our life a bit more complicated. Second, I consider my calendar as highly confidential, especially everything related to work. In my view, family organizers are like small social networks to share calendar, pictures and comments among family members. They are children-oriented and they don’t really allow me to plan my own stuff (work, medical, personal activities and more). Third, planning tasks doesn’t mean executing them all. If I plan some family or home tasks in my personal calendar, that doesn’t mean I’m the one in charge of executing them all. Sharing equally the workload at home is a no brainer today. That’s why we can send events by text through the app so we can remind people when things need to get done and I will explore other sharing functions in the future version of the app.

Obviously, as women, we have very different personal situations (single or in a relationship, mother or not), work situations (employed or not, in a corporate world or working independently) and different levels of workplace flexibility (work office or remote work). More importantly, we have different ambitions and goals that may change over time: at some point, we may want to focus on our career or our family, or manage both, and our focus can change depending at what stage we are in their life (beginning of our career, being pregnant the first time or being a mom for the first time, going back to work after maternity leave…). To reflect this complexity, I will continue to make the app as much customizable as possible so it can be used in various personal, family and work situations (e.g.: we are working on the hide/show function of the Event Makers’ icons)



Mobile apps geared towards women: a new trend in the mobile industry

LadyPlans is part of a new trend in the mobile industry where we see a growing number of apps geared towards women being launched. Having new apps dedicated to women is great news because now we can have other choices than period tracker apps, pill apps, diet apps or personal safety apps.

Here are some examples of apps that have been released these last years aiming to help women in different ways: networking among women (Hey! VINA, Monarq), dating (Bumble), fashion (Tradesy, Fashiontap), job hunting in tech (PowerToFly)

Some of these apps have been designed by women so we can fairly think and expect that the problems they are trying to solve are problems that women are actually facing in real life. This resonates with the origin of LadyPlans. I started it as a side project because I was looking for a productivity app that could allow me to be more efficient in terms of time management regarding all the things I was planning as a busy working mom. I was planning a lot, both for myself and for my children, and I realized that most of the time I was planning the same kind of events (e.g. birthdays, holidays, doctor appointments…). Instead of storing all this knowledge-related organization, I was reinventing the wheel all the time and thought it was pretty inefficient. I had a look on the App Store but couldn’t find what I was looking for. And it wasn’t just about me. I looked around and saw a lot of women juggling with multiples schedules and struggling to find Me time. That’s how the idea of a personal organizer for women started.

A pragmatic contribution to women empowerment

There are multiple paths to empower women to achieve their goals: politics encouraging gender diversity in society, corporate policies supporting women at the workplace, organizations promoting women rights and also individual initiatives (e.g.: blog highlighting female entrepreneurs). LadyPlans is contributing, in a very pragmatic way, to help women manage and optimize their time on a daily basis so they can build the life they want.

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