Lala Lunchbox app: getting the kids involved in lunch planning

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Building healthy food habits together with the kids

How to make our kids eat what they have in their lunchbox? How to get more organized and waste less time and food when planning lunch for kids? How to stay inspired week after week breaking the lunchbox routine? Based on the idea that if the kids are engaged in the lunch-making process they will be more likely to actually eat their lunch, Lala lunchbox app will both make meal-planning a fun moment to share with your children and make your life easier when planning and preparing lunch for them.

How does it work?

© Lala Lunchbox

© Lala Lunchbox

  • First, parents create a profile for each child and let them to choose their own avatar: a cute funny monster
  • Then each kid chooses what he/she would like to eat in their daily lunchbox by easily selecting food pictures in each of the 4 food categories: fruits, veggies,proteins and snacks. This is the great innovative feature of the app as the kids are directly taking part into the lunch preparation in a fun way. Your little one only selects snacks? Well, it’s time for a conversation about healthy food habits and how to build a balanced meal.

Weekly grocery list

© Lala Lunchbox

Every lunch component is automatically added into the ‘weekly grocery list’, so you will exactly know what you have to shop. No need to make the maths, the app does it for you.

Customize the app to reflect your own food habits

You can also customize the content of the app:

  • Managing the foods available to choose for your kids
  • Adding your own food items
  • Saving your favorite meals so you can reuse them over time
  • Adding food bundles: dietary bundles (e.g.: dairy free, gluten free, kosher, nut free…) or blogger bundles

Get inspired

© Instagram – lalalunchbox

Get inspired with loads of healthy and quick to make lunch ideas on Lalalunchbox Instagram account.

Why we love it?

  • Both parents and children take part into to the lunch-making process together. The app is a great opportunity to discuss and teach the kids how to build a healthy meal.
  • The app is very visual and engaging thanks to its fun, colorful and kid-friendly interface
  • It allows to save time and food when planning lunch

How much?

Free with paid food bundles

What device ?

By who ?

LaLa Lunchbox, LLC


A breakfast version of the app is also available: LaLa Breakfast

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