Mapstr app: all the places you love or want to visit on a map

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Mapstr app

Mapstr app helps you organize and visualize all your favorite places on a map

Ok so you are going on holidays next week and you have done your homework : you have plenty of places to visit, either recommended by friends or that you have found online. Once you’ll be there, you’ll do like most of us do: you’ll retype all this places in Google map and will try to optimize your itinerary. Here comes Mapst which ‘has been designed to help users remember all their favorite places and have them bookmarked in the most efficient way’, in other words the app enables you to save places on a map, sort them with tags and share them with friends. Pretty handy for both your holidays and your daily life. The app is very intuitive and simple to use and very visual.

In what cases?

  • If you want to keep track of the places which are important in your daily life (personal or business)
  • If you want to share your favorite places with your friends (restaurant, hotels, good spots during holidays…)
  • If you want to save the places that you plan to visit : restaurant recommended by friends, new shops spotted in a magazine, places to visit during your next holidays, places that you have passed near by and want to go back later
  • If you want to optimize your trips by quickly checking which of your favorite places are around you

Bookmarking all your places and making them easy to remember

  • Mapstr addig informations

    © Mapstr – Adding tags

  • Mapstr screenshot

    © Mapstr – Adding informations

  • Mapstr screenshot

    © Mapstr

You just need to type a name or an address and select the place you want to bookmark. Then you can add additional informations such as tags, a short comment, a phone number, a website and a picture to make the places you have saved easy to remember. You can also choose to keep the place private so you control what you want to share with your friends.

Tags are particularly useful as you can add as many as you want and later on they will allow you to filter the places you have saved.

Once a place is saved you can access  some basic informations on commercial places (opening hours, picture), call, send (sharing by text, mail, social media), edit (including changing the place icon) and delete. With ‘go‘, you can either transit, drive or walk with either Apple Plans, CityMapp, Google maps.

The app offers 2 views: map or list (where places are sorted by distance)

You can create multiple accounts. You may want to create 2 accounts: a private one for your own use with your personal places and a public one to share places with friends. I think it’s much easier to manage privacy this way instead of marking each place private or not.

Adding friends and connecting your maps

  • Mapstr Connecting Friends

    © Mapstr – Connecting Friends

  • Mapstr Connecting maps

    © Mapstr – Connecting maps

Adding friends in a safe way

Mapstr will generate a code (only valid once and for 3 days) that you can send to your contact through text, whatsapp, email.. The your friend needs to download the app, register and type to the code.

Connecting your maps

Once your friend has entered the code, you can load his/her map and she/he can load yours. It’s very easy to switch from a map to another.

How much?


Where to find it?

App Store (iPhone and iWatch)

Android : to be released

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