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Plan the perfect New Year’s eve party with LadyPlans

It has come towards the end of 2016, and what is more exciting than wrapping it up with a New Year’s eve party with your friends, families and loved ones?

To help you celebrate a brand new beginning to 2017, we want to share with you a selection of inspiration picks for you to plan a fun and exciting New Year’s party!

New Year’s Eve party recipes

We have picked a selection of recipes – appetisers, mocktails, desserts, healthy snacks… treat your guests to these quick and easy New Year’s eve party snacks and beverages!



We like this recipe of dark chocolate dipped satsumas from My Fussy Eater – it is healthy, fun and deliciously festive. Why not try out this simple recipe with your children?


©The First Year

The colour gold and Champagne are essentials for New Year’s Eve. We think these Champagne jello cups are the perfect combination of celebration drinks and dessert!


© Broma Bakery

We recommend this beautiful, sophisticated dark and white chocolate bark recipe from Broma Bakery as it is perfect for Near Year’s Eve.

Don’t forget to check our full recipe picks here on Pinterest.

New Year’s cards, party decor and designs..

Towards the end of December is the time to give gratitude to our loved ones. We recommend these custom New Year greeting cards on Etsy that are stylish and unique:

  • newyearcard_girlthinksprintable

    © Girlthinksprintable

  • newyearcard_cynla

    © Cynla

  • newyearcard_delucedesign

    © Delucedesign

  • newyearcard_rhubarbpaperco

    © Rhubarbpaperco

  • newyearcard_rinoasprintables

    © RiinoasPrintables


LadyPlans Pinterest

Don’t forget to follow our Pinterest board for more inspirations on DIY thank-you card and New Year card designs, as well as New Year’s party decorations and stationery ideas!

Inspirational talks to a brand new start in 2017

TED has put together a selection of inspirational talks – whether your goal for 2017 is to improve productivity, make better lifestyle choices, or to have better relationships with important people in your life… these talks are going to help you reflect and improve your new year’s resolutions. Check the full playlist here.

LadyPlans New Year Planner and Checklist

Don’t forget to plan and organise your New Year’s Eve and party with our New Year Planner and Checklist on the LadyPlans app. Read more about it here.

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