How to follow Santa Claus this Christmas on the NORAD app

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Find Santa with the NORAD app and follow his journey on Christmas Eve

Do you know that every year on Christmas Eve Santa travels an estimated 510,000,000km to deliver all the presents around the globe? No matter what age, it is always fun to be able to peak into Santa’s route. For children, it is particularly important that they find out when their presents would arrive at their house!

NORAD (The North American Aerospace Defense Command) has been running the Christmas-themed program since 1955. Every year they track Santa’s location and delivery progress around the globe. The NORAD app is a mobile version of their desktop website, and it also features games, videos, music, as well as information about NORAD and their mission, and lots more for your children to explore.

The NORAD Santa Tracker will begin running on 1 December, so don’t forget to update it on your smartphone and other devices so you won’t miss out on the countdown!

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What can I do on the NORAD app?

  • Track Santa’s delivery progress on the 24th December
  • Unlock a new mini, interactive game every day of December
  • Watch videos about Santa’s journey
  • Countdown to Christmas Eve when Santa begins his journey
  • Hear special holiday greetings from each of NORAD’s Commands
  • Learn more about NORAD and their mission

Watch last year’s video guide to the NORAD app

Why we like the NORAD Santa Tracker

NORAD Santa Tracker is a fun and meaningful way to get your children involved in the Christmas season. It is easily accessible and well designed with educational content; they can also learn a lot about geography when tracking on the satellite maps.

Apart from gifts and celebrations, it is always important to let children learn more about the meaning behind this festive holiday.

Download the NORAD app and find Santa this December!

NORAD’s app will begin running on Dec 1. It is completely free, and you can install it on your smartphone, tablet or PC:

Visit the desktop website here.

Happy Santa tracking on the NORAD app!

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