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Discover interactive games everyday and track Santa on Google’s advent calendar

Christmas is almost arriving in a month, and what is more exciting than waiting for Santa Claus and tracking his progress in delivering presents?

Google’s Santa Tracker and advent calendar village has been launched for the past 11 years – it is a fun, educational and interactive way for children and adults to spend this holiday season. Do not miss out on the festive, interactive content that you can unlock each day with your kids!

Santa Claus Christmas village advent calendar



The website activities begins on Dec 1. The opening of Santa’s village will mark the countdown to Santa’s departure start. On each day until the 24th you will be able to open a surprise interactive activity.

Last year’s calendar included games and exercises that help you learn basic coding and computer skills, geography knowledge, or learn about charitable organisations whilst creating printable ornaments.

You can also download Google’s Christmas lesson plans to help your children learn about holiday traditions around the world.

Try the Santa Claus Christmas Tracker



On the 24th you can start following Santa’s steps in delivering presents. Santa fans of all ages can track his progress on desktop, mobile, tablet and Chromecast TV. There will also be an exclusive game on that day whilst you can dive into Google Street View and see all the cities he will be visiting that night.

Why do we like the Christmas advent calendar and Santa Claus Christmas tracker?

Google’s advent calendar village and santa tracker is a great way to introduce basic concepts of computer coding, geography quizzes, and a lot more to your  children, by sneaking in learning between fun and games this holiday season. Instead of chocolate advent calendar, why not let your kids learn something fun and new every day before christmas?



More information

Google’s advent calendar begins on the 1st of December and the Santa tracker will begin on the 24th.

The mobile version is also available on Android.

Visit the webpage here.

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