Easily schedule and prepare events with Planners.

How does it work?

Let’s say you’re planning your next holiday in Venice:

1. Type 2 key informations on the event you want to plan

  • Enter a Planner name (e.g.: 2016Venice)
  • Select the date of the event you want to plan

2. Select the action events and add them all at once in your calendar

  • Select the preparatory action events you want to add to your calendar
  • Adjust the dates
  • Hit ‘Create all in calendar

3. All events are automatically created

Features of the events created through Planner:

  • What‘ and the date will  be populated with the event and date you have previously  selected
  • The events are created to be from 7.55am to 8.00am
  • All created action events are labelled with the name of your main event (Venice2016) as a common key


Add a new action event after the Planner is created

1. Create an event. 2. In the ‘Planner’ field, select the ‘name of Planner’ you want to attach the event to. 3. Save the event

Search for action events related to a Planner

Search by ‘name of the Planner’ you have chosen, all the related events will be listed. This way you can easily adjust any event information that has been saved previously (reminders, dates..)

Customise your Planner events and reuse them anytime

You can add your own events in the Planners using the ‘New’ button. The events you have added will be saved so you can reuse them the next time you open the Planner.

You can also customise and manage your Planner lists

You can easily customise all your Planner list by going to ‘Settings’ > ‘Manage app content’ > ‘Planners’.

18 Planner themes

Baby Shower Planner

Bachelorette party Planner

Birthday party Planner

Easter Planner

Father’s Day Planner

Halloween Planner

Immunization Schedule

Moving Planner

Party Planner

Pregnancy calendar

Spring cleaning Planner

Wedding Planner

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