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Planning for Valentine’s day date isn’t easy – and we’re here to help! However you want to celebrate with your partner: to keep the memories, prepare for a surprise, make a home-cooked dinner or to dine out…with our picks on the best Valentine’s day apps, recipes and gift ideas, you can plan the perfect Valentine’s day easily from your smartphone.


Best iOS/Android Valentine’s day apps

OpenTable (iOS/Android, free)


If you’re planning to dine out on Valentine’s day without a particular restaurant in mind, give OpenTable a try – book and manage restaurant reservations worldwide for free. Simply select the date and time, number of persons, and search according to cuisine, location or restaurant name. Read reviews, view the menu before reservations and explore choices in your local area. Tip: book ahead of time if you’re travelling to another city/country on Valentine’s day!

(iOS / Android)

SideChef (iOS/Android, free)


Are you thinking of surprising your loved one with a home-cooked meal instead of dining out on Valentine’s day? Then don’t miss out on SideChef, a cooking app that lets you browse and upload tried-and-tested recipes. You can search by ingredients, keywords or other popular tags to stay inspired; browsing through recipes and video tutorials are easy and make cooking accessible to everyone at any skill level. Be inspired and prepare a delicious meal for your partner or loved ones this Valentine’s day.

(iOS / Android)

ProFlowers (iOS/Android, free)


Flowers are the most romantic gift that delivers the message of love and appreciation. Check out ProFlowers – one of the largest online flower and plant delivery service available in the US. They offer a large variety in styles and flower choices in affordable prices; hand-picked, fresh flower bouquets can be delivered to your door within just a few clicks. The app is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. Order your flower bouquets and have it delivered to you in no time.

(iOS / Android)

Bloom and Wild (iOS/Android, free)



For those living in the UK, Bloom and Wild is a flower bouquet delivery service (subscription service available) that lets you select hand-picked, fresh flower bouquets and have them delivered to your door in a box. This means recipients can be out of the house when flowers are delivered. We like the personalised message option of the service and also the easy-to-use, well designed interface of the app.

Bloom and Wild is also currently having a 10% off offer for users who made their first order through the app. (code: APPONLY)

(iOS / Android)

Redstamp (iOS/Android, free)



If you are hoping to send a letter or a card to someone on Valentine’s day, don’t miss out on Red Stamp. On their app you can create personalised cards easily with your photos; your designs will then be printed and delivered to your address. We like the large collection of fonts, visual graphics and stickers for you to be creative and truly make something unique. Why not write a thoughtful letter or a card to your loved one this Valentine’s day?

(iOS / Android)

Pic-Collage (iOS/Android, free)



A picture says a thousand words, that’s why we think creating a photo slideshow for Valentine’s day is a great way to keep the memories. If you want to design your own collage of photos, check out Pic-Collage – a photo editing app that lets you create beautiful photo slideshows and scrapbook style pictures. The huge collection of stickers, backgrounds and templates will allow you to create something that truly represents your relationship.

(iOS / Android)

Between (iOS/Android, free)



Valentine’s day is all about celebration of love, but we can always celebrate it all the time on an ordinary day. Between is a well-designed communication app that lets you connect with your partner exclusively and privately. You can create secret chats, share photos and stories, or mark events on the app that are only accessible between the two of you. Between provides a platform for couples to share their lives and intimate moments. We like the fact that content on the app are encrypted across all platforms (mobile / tablet / computer); this way you can ensure that memories between you and your partner will be kept securely and exclusively.

(iOS / Android)

Biscuit’s Valentine’s Day (iOS, $2.99)



If you have children and you are thinking of how to keep them in company this Valentine’s day, Biscuit’s Valentine’s Day is a fun and thoughtful eBook. Read the story of Biscuit and the little girl preparing and delivering Valentine’s day gifts, and let you children learn the importance of love and kindness. There are also fun mini games and puzzles included in the app to keep your children occupied.

(iOS / Android)

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