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Whimventory: online shopping made easy

Imagine yourself online shopping with a number of tabs opened on your browser. For regular shoppers, we all know it can get messy when you start filling  up shopping carts with too many items: things you want to purchase right now, to save for next checkout, or simply things you would love to be gifted.

With holiday season arriving, it’s also the time of the year where you start to plan what to buy for your families and friends. It can be difficult to look for gifts when you don’t know what each other wants, and chances are you’ll end up receiving gifts that you don’t find useful!



Whimventory is a website that solves the problem of combining online shopping wishlists from multiple websites, without having to leave each webpage. It also eliminates the hassle of telling people what you would like to receive, which results in more efficient gift shopping.

What is it for?

  • If you want to create a list of shopping items across different websites and stores
  • If you want to organise multiple online shopping lists for different purposes and occasions (for yourself, for friends..)
  • If you want to share with friends and families of what gifts you would like to receive
  • If you want to create private shopping wishlists

Bookmark your shopping items directly from shopping sites

There are many ways to add items to your Whimventory wishlist. You can add a ‘Whim It” button to your bookmark bar on any internet browser, or add the items directly to your list by clicking “Add Items Manually” from the website.

Use the “Whim It” bookmark button to add items to your Whimventory list

1. Go to the ‘Add Items’ page and drag the ‘Whim It’ button to your bookmark bar (works on all internet browsers)


2. Go to your current shopping page, and click the ‘Whim It’ button on your bookmark bar


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3. The widget will fill in the name of the item, and you can type in the price, add notes and select the list you would want to bookmark the item in.


© Whimventory

Share your Whimventory wishlists to friends and family

You have the option to create private lists, or you can also share your wishlist via Twitter, email or Facebook.

Why we recommend Whimventory

We like the minimalistic layout and easy-to-use bookmark function that is accessible to all browsers. Organising your wishlists for the Christmas season will be extremely helpful as they are customisable, and you will be able to tailor it to each person or occasion.

More information

The website is also currently working on a mobile app version.

Whimventory is a free service and you can visit the site here.

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