Zankyou: creating your wedding website and online gift registry

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Easy-peasy wedding website creation when you have a million things to think about

As a soon-to-be married couple you have many things to plan for your wedding and creating a wedding website or a gift registry may not be in the top priority in the beginning but are becoming key as you get closer to the wedding. A wedding website might also be seen as an additional cost if you decide to have someone create it for you or seen as a complicated and time-consuming thing to do if you have never built a website yourself before. Yet, today user-friendly online solutions exist and help non-techie people build their personalized wedding website and customized gift registry in a quick and easy way.

Zankyou is the leading website in Europe, with more than 350,000 registered couples in 23 countries and enables couples to instantly and privately share information about their wedding with their guests and manage their guest list in the same place.

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One simple step to get started

Zankyou - Getting started

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Zankyou enables you to access website templates that will be very easy to customize based on a few information to fill in when regsitering:

  • Select a website name, which will come under the Zankyou name
  • Choose to create a wedding website and/or a gift registry website
  • Type some basic information about the wedding: date, names of the bride and groom

Super-user friendly wedding website creation

Zankyou - Wedding website

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  • First, select a theme (free and to be paid)
  • Customize the content:
    • Personalizing the homepage with a picture and an intro text
    • Adding a gift registry page : adding wedding gifts where guests can contribute to
    • Adding a guestbook to allow your guests to post a message, a song or a video
    • Adding a photo album where you or your guests can upload some wedding pictures
    • Adding RSVP based on a form that will allow your guests to reply online
    • Adding other pre-formatted pages such as blog, wedding itinerary, recommend hotels, etc.
  • Edit the design to change the theme color, typo, etc.
  • Manage the website privacy:
    • Managing the privacy of the whole website: it can be either public or private by creating a password to be shared with your guests
    • Managing the content of the website, selecting privacy options for the blog post, pictures and the guestbook contributions
  • Publish the website 

Your personal wedding website will be ad-free and mobile friendly (you can actually view the website mobile version while you are building it)

Online wedding gift registry

Zankyou - Adding gifts

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The wedding gift registry on Zankyou is basically a list of gift ideas. When the guests purchase one of the gift, you will receive the cash equivalent into your bank account, not the actual gift. For this service, Zankyou will charge 2.50% of the amount contributed plus 0.99$ per transaction, to be paid by either the couple or their guests.

You can either add a gift from a ready-made catalog or create your own gifts or trips adding a picture, text, link, participation mode, brand, etc.

Managing your guest list

In a specific section of your Zankyou account, you’ll be able to manage your guest list by:

  • Importing your contacts or adding guests manually (name, email, postal address and assign a group)
  • Sending ‘save the date’ emails to your guests
  • Managing RSVPs to follow up their response and attendance
  • Assigning tables to your guests

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